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Private Charters

Incredible helicopters, first-class tours, experienced pilots, and top customer service are all available with Pro Flight. Our private helicopter charter service offers a level of flexibility for traveling to remote, crowded or hard-to-reach destinations.

Event helicopter hire services by Pro Flight Limited in Nairoibi


Helicopters are ideal for short flights of less than 300 km and for escaping to remote destinations where there is no airport nearby, for such events as Political rallies, Sports Events, weddings, social gatherings, and even Private VIP meetings in remote and pristine places.

Aerial filming by Pro Flight Limited

Aerial Filming

Take your filming to a new level of creativity, innovation, and professionalism with our world-class highly versatile helicopters. Our pilots’ knowledge and capability will help you achieve quality aerial filming and photographic shots. This can also be useful for Aerial Survey works.

Rescue services by Pro Flight Limited

Emergency Rescue

By extending a rescuer below the aircraft and allowing the aircraft to remain clear of obstacles while a rescue is performed, a pilot can insert or extract rescuers and subjects in most types of terrain (slope angle, obstacles, and hazards permitting)

executive charter helicopter charter by Pro Flight Limited

Executive Charter

The population in major cities has outpaced the infrastructure, so traffic congestion is the norm. To save time, Pro Flight helicopters transports you above vehicles and offer quick, travel to your location and back to the airport for your departure.

Helicopter Safaris with Pro Flight Limited

Chopper Safaris

This immense wilderness can be seen from above in a completely different way. Instant access to far-off places that might otherwise be impractical due to time constraints. Fly over wildlife or land next to a turquoise pool for a cooling dip. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

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